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Nightbird Movie Download

Nightbird Movie Download

Nightbird Movie Download

"Nightbird" is a Filipino thriller movie released in 2023. Directed by Lawrence Fajardo, the film revolves around a party where Rachel encounters four men. The night takes a dark turn when Rachel and her friends are sexually assaulted by the men. Determined to seek vengeance, Rachel embarks on a quest for justice.

The movie has received mixed reviews. Some viewers found the storyline to be okay, but criticized the explicit depiction of sexual assault scenes. They felt that the narrative could have been better without the excessive graphic content, suggesting that hinting at the events and leaving the rest to the audience's imagination would have been more effective. Due to the explicit content, the movie leans towards being an exploitation film.

It's worth noting that "Nightbird" is a separate movie from "Night Bird" (2012), which is a drama-thriller with a different storyline.


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