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Deliver Us Movie - 2020

Deliver Us Movie Download - 2020


Deliver Us - 2020

"Deliver Us" is a 2023 American religious horror film directed by Lee Roy Kunz and Cru Ennis. The movie follows a nun in a remote convent who claims immaculate conception, leading the Vatican to send a team of priests to investigate, concerned about an ancient prophecy that a woman will give birth to twin boys: one the Messiah, the other the Anti-Christ

The film features psychic babies, a murderous one-eyed German priest, nudity, bear traps, performances of variable quality and styles, apocalyptic visions, breast-feeding, decapitations, Estonian wolves, and even some sex. The movie received mixed reviews, with some praising its visual appeal, cinematography, and art direction, while others criticized its storytelling, pacing issues, and lack of depth in exploring its thought-provoking premise

"Deliver Us" was released in the USA in March 2021 and was a limited release in 2023, shown in select movie theaters across major markets. If you're into more thriller and drama religious horror movies, rather than the constant jump scare ones, you will most likely enjoy this film


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