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Elysium Movie Download - 2013

Elysium Movie Download - 2013


Elysium - 2013

"Elysium" is a 2013 American dystopian sci-fi action film directed by Neill Blomkamp. It stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, Wagner Moura, and William Fichtner. The film takes place in the year 2154, where humanity is divided into two classes: the ultrarich who live on a luxurious space station called Elysium, and the rest who live in the ruins of Earth 
The plot revolves around a man named Max (played by Matt Damon) who agrees to undertake a dangerous mission that could bring equality to the population. Secretary Delacourt (played by Jodie Foster) is determined to preserve the privileged lifestyle of Elysium's citizens 
"Elysium" received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its social commentary and intense action, others found it lacking in originality and logic. The film explores political and sociological themes such as immigration and class inequality

At the box office, "Elysium" performed moderately well, grossing $286 million worldwide. It opened at #1 and went on to earn $93 million domestically and $193 million internationally.

Overall, "Elysium" is a sci-fi action film that offers social commentary and explores themes of inequality in a dystopian future.


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