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High Risk Movie - 1995

High Risk Movie - 1995


High Risk - 1995

"High Risk" is a 1995 action-comedy film directed and produced by Wong Jing. It stars Jet Li and Jacky Cheung. The film was released in Hong Kong on July 13, 1995, and grossed a modest HK $11,403,790 in Hong Kong. The movie parodies the title of Die Hard in Hong Kong, and it takes a cinematic swipe at Jackie Chan, with whom director Wong Jing had worked previously on the City Hunter live-action film. The character of Frankie Lone, played by Jacky Cheung, is a famous and popular action movie star famous for doing all of his own stunts, but in reality, he is very lazy and lecherous. His character is assumed to be a spoof of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee; he even wears Lee's iconic yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death

The movie follows Kit Li, played by Jet Li, as an army officer who needs to disarm a bomb beneath a bus to save his wife and some school children. The character of Frankie Lone, played by Jacky Cheung, is a cowardly martial arts film star who becomes the focus of the plot. The film also features Chingmy Yau in a significant role

"High Risk" is described as a film full of explosions, gunfire, death, and destruction, with some dumb slapstick comedy for good measure. It is considered a blatant clone of Die Hard, with a tragic waste of star Jet Li's incredible fighting abilities. However, the film is also praised for its entertaining nature, excellent writing, and goofy acting and directing, intentionally making up for a superb action movie. The movie's action sequences are noted for their speed and agility, particularly Jet Li's performance 

The movie is known for taking a cinematic swipe at Jackie Chan and insinuating that Chan was actually a boozing womanizer and a fraud who did not really do his own stunts after all. This led to a public apology from Jet Li to Jackie Chan for having taken part in the movie. The film also pokes fun at most 90s action movies, especially Die Hard and Speed, and is believed to have delayed a Jackie Chan/Jet Li on-screen collaboration until The Forbidden Kingdom 




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