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Incarcerated Movie - 2023

Incarcerated Movie Download - 2023


Incarcerated - 2023

"Incarcerated" is a 2023 American direct-to-video thriller film directed by Steven R. Monroe and starring Yesenia Ayala, Heather McComb, and Michael Jai White. The film follows a woman who is falsely imprisoned for a crime she did not commit and must fight to survive in a corrupt prison system.

The plot revolves around a woman enacting an elaborate plan of revenge on the ruthless female drug lord responsible for her family's demise after being incarcerated. The movie is described as brutal, cheap, short, tense, unrealistic, and unrelenting, but still watchable. It features brief moments of violence, with one notable and extremely violent scene. The main character is likable, at least enough for the audience to get behind her revenge story. However, it's noted that the movie might not be the best on Tubi, but as far as Tubi Originals go, it isn't the worst.

The cast and crew of "Incarcerated" include actors such as Yesenia Ayala, Heather McComb, and Elizabeth Haley. The director of the film is Steven R. Monroe,

As of now, there are no verified audience reviews for "Incarcerated" on Rotten Tomatoes or The Movie Database (TMDB),. The movie is not available on US or UK streaming services.

"Incarcerated" presents a story of survival and revenge within a corrupt prison system, featuring intense and violent moments. While it may not have received widespread critical attention, it offers a watchable experience for those interested in the thriller genre


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