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Die Hart: The Movie (2023)

Die Hart: The Movie (2023)


Die Hart: The Movie (2023)

"Die Hart: The Movie" is a 2023 action-comedy film directed by Eric Appel. It stars Kevin Hart as a fictionalized version of himself who aspires to break out of his comedy-sidekick stereotype and become a legitimate action hero. The film also features John Travolta, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jean Reno, and Josh Hartnett in supporting roles.

The movie follows Kevin Hart's character as he attends an action star training camp led by Ron Wilcox (played by John Travolta) in his quest to become an action movie star. The film combines comedic elements with action sequences as Kevin Hart's character navigates the challenges of the training camp and tries to prove himself as a serious action star.

According to the search results, "Die Hart: The Movie" received mixed reviews. Some critics mentioned that the film struggled to live up to its comedic action aspirations, with a rushed plot, inconsistent humor, and a lack of originality. However, it may still appeal to fans of the cast or those seeking a lighthearted action-comedy experience.

It is worth noting that "Die Hart: The Movie" is a reworked version of a web series called "Die Hart" that originally aired in 2020. The web series consisted of 10 episodes, each running 7-9 minutes in length. The movie is an edited version of the web series, repackaged as a continuous 85-minute film.


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