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Power Rangers Movie (2017)

Power Rangers Movie (2017)


Power Rangers Movie (2017)

The Power Rangers Movie released in 2017 was a reboot of the popular Power Rangers franchise. It featured a new story and a focus on character development rather than just battles and morphing sequences. The movie was produced by Lionsgate and Qualcomm, and a virtual reality mobile app called Power Rangers Movie Command Center was created to accompany the film.The film follows the story of five ordinary teenagers who must come together to become Power Rangers and save the world from an alien threat. Each of the teenagers has their own personal issues to overcome in order to become heroes and fulfill their mission.

While the movie received mixed reviews, some fans of the franchise enjoyed it and felt that it was unfairly criticized due to unrealistic expectations rooted in nostalgia for the original TV show. The film was intended to be the first in a potential trilogy, but it did not perform well at the box office and did not receive a sequel.

One notable aspect of the 2017 Power Rangers movie was the reimagining of the original series as a modern story. Characters like Jason, Kimberly, Zordon, and Rita Repulsa were recast and given new backstories. The movie aimed to bring a fresh take on the Power Rangers universe while still paying homage to the original series.

In conclusion, the Power Rangers Movie (2017) was a reboot of the franchise that focused on character development and a modern retelling of the original series. While it received mixed reviews and did not perform well at the box office, it still had a dedicated fan base and attempted to bring something new to the Power Rangers universe.


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