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Blood And Oil Movie Download - 2019

Blood And Oil Movie Download - 2019


Blood And Oil - 2019

"Blood And Oil" is a Nollywood movie released in 2019. It is also known as "Oloibiri" and is based on true events. The movie revolves around the impact of the first oil well drilled in Nigeria and how it affected a small Nigerian Delta village, Oloibiri, and the lives of those involved.

The storyline focuses on the exploitation of the village's oil resources by oil companies, leading to contention between militants and the government. The movie portrays the disenchantment of two sons of Oloibiri, Timipre, and Gunpowder, with the exploitation of their resources by the oil companies. While Timipre expresses his disenchantment through lamentations and regret, the younger Gunpowder is driven to violent extremes

The film is noted for its effort in storytelling and the portrayal of the impact of oil exploitation on the local community. It features renowned actors and is praised for its raw take on violence and its earnestness in delivering the story

The movie has received mixed reviews. While some appreciate the effort at making a beautiful movie with a message, others criticize it for its bad storytelling, acting, and action sequences

"Blood And Oil" (Oloibiri) is a Nollywood movie that delves into the impact of oil exploitation on a small Nigerian Delta village. It has garnered attention for its portrayal of the consequences of oil exploitation and has received both praise and criticism for its storytelling and execution.


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